The other day, I was talking with some of my little sister's friends and said something like, “I can't be partying all the time like you guys! I'm not in college anymore. I'm 26 years old, for goodness sake.”

“Chelsea,” Colby interrupted. “You're not 26. You're 27.” Oh geez. I can't even remember how old I am anymore. That must mean I'm getting old, right?

My sister and I are only six years apart, but that gap between early 20's and late 20's is a big one. People get married. Kids are born. We start real careers and settle into our lives, our bodies, our fashion sense. I'll admit that I've resisted upgrading my clothes from H&M steals to Bloomingdale's, but I HAVE finally come to the conclusion that I'm too dang old to be wearing jewelry from Claire's. Or Icing. Or whatever that place is called now. I'm obviously out of the loop.

everyday jewelry

To tell you the truth, I still love cheap costume jewelry from places like Forever 21…but only for the occasional accent piece to dress up an outfit. I can't get away with wearing crappy metal earrings all the time because it really hurts my ears after awhile. But I can't afford to wear real diamonds and pearls everyday because they're way too expensive and they wouldn't last long in my active life anyway. Some Boy's favorite new trick is yanking the backings off my studs.

Fortunately, there is a middle ground. I've started wearing nice, understated jewelry that doesn't cost as much as diamonds but also doesn't scream, “I'm fake!” I'm certainly not out to trick anyone, but I do want to look nice and not have to go jewelry-less just because I can't afford to be constantly replacing expensive studs. I love that I can get everyday jewelry in gold or white gold settings that don't hurt my ears so I can look nice but not have to stress about it.

everyday jewelry

For those of you looking for an everyday jewelry solution like me, SaverTime is offering a great deal today on some synthetic diamond earrings in a sterling silver and white gold polish setting. These are pretty enough to go from day to night without skipping a beat, and would be a nice accent to any outfit – whether you choose to get yours at H&M or Bloomingdale's. They even have screw-on posts to keep them from being caught on things or easily yanked out. And at just $18 with free shipping, they're a WHOLE lot cheaper than their diamond counterparts.

This post is sponsored by SaverTime. All opinions are my own.