As the head of a family that keeps growing…and growing…I can relate to the need for a bigger car. Nate and I actually only had one car between the two of us before Some Boy came along! We now have a sedan and a truck, and have found that with the two cars we're able to accomplish a whole lot more than with just the one small four-door. Check out the guest article below for some ideas to help you plan the perfect transportation for your family.

family car

As a member of a family that includes three little ones, we often have an issue with getting our troop transported around to wherever they need to be. Unfortunately, it is not often that all three of my children need to be in the same place; instead it seems that more often than not, they need to be in three different places at the same time.

Having struggled with this problem for quite a while now, we finally decided that it was about time that we got rid of our old hatchback and looked for something newer and a little more practical.

What I hadn’t realized is how much time and effort has to go into finding the perfect vehicle that both satisfies your needs and is reasonably priced.

Throughout this period my husband and I looked at everything, from 7 seater cars and trucks to what seemed like small buses. There was also a whole range of other criteria that needed to be met in order to ensure it would be the right car for us and the kids. For such a large investment, we needed to make sure that whatever vehicle we chose was going to stand up to everyday use by a busy family.

Making sure that the interior was washable, as the kids like to doodle on longer journeys and somehow seem to miss the page more often than not, durable and spacious was one of our biggest concerns.

However, this was easier than we first thought, as it seems that most manufacturers now understand that larger cars will be used by families and therefore need to fulfil the above criteria. In the end, we went for a Mercedes and have now been using it for around a month.

We couldn’t really be happier with our acquisition and it’s definitely helped us out quite a lot. Having much more space means that we can fit more kids in the car and are better able to co-ordinate with other parents that find themselves in a similar tricky scheduling situation.

It’s easy to forget how important good transport is to a busy family and I think all of us would agree that the car has made journeys a lot less stressful and, consequently, we are not all in such a rush when we’re at home. A new car obviously isn’t the right solution for everyone but, if you’re able to, everyday transport problems can be solved by a new vehicle that you will end up using every day.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.