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Facebook matchmaker

I've told the story of how Nate and I couldn't stand each other when we first met and how he eventually wooed me with Baja Fresh, nearly lit a golf cart on fire, and finally made his move with the slowest kiss in the history of mankind. But I haven't mentioned the integral part that Facebook played in helping my husband and I get together.

facebook couple

Nate and I had lived on the same dorm floor all year and somehow gotten off on the wrong foot. I disliked him so much that I had taken up the very mature habit of glaring at him every time he walked by. The last week of the school year, he finally walked straight up to me in the hallway and said, “Hi, I'm Nate. I thought that you could maybe stop glaring at me every time you see me.” Swoon. Seriously, his boldness completely took me by surprise. We got to talking and parted in that hallway a lot more friendly than when we came upon each other. A few days passed and I couldn't stop thinking about him. There was only one problem: I was moving out of the dorms. Summer was upon us and while I knew that we were both sticking around LA during break, there was no chance I'd happen to run into him in the hallway anymore. And neither of us had the other one's number. No chance he'd ask me out. No chance for our would-be relationship to blossom. No way for me to contact him.

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Then I had a genius idea. This new thing called Facebook was all the rage at the time. My roommate had explained the concept to me. “It started at Harvard,” she said. “You ‘virtually' friend people that you meet around school, and then you can put up pictures and leave messages and stuff over the summer.” The social site had taken off like wildfire, and Nate and I had friended each other shortly after our hallway truce. I pulled up his profile on Facebook and contemplated how to reconnect. The page gave me the option to “poke” him, but I hesitated. I wasn't in the habit of poking guys I hardly knew! I couldn't think of anything clever to post on his wall and was about to give up altogether when I saw a photo he had just posted. The budding photographer had quite an eye. This one was an ominous-looking black and white of someone wielding a gun. “Scary!” I commented on the snapshot.

facebook flirting

A few hours later I got a notification that he had commented back, and the Facebook banter began. He “liked” pictures of trips I'd taken, I posted on his wall, he invited me to groups. It was the college social network version of playground tag! Our relationship eventually progressed offline and into the real world and the rest is history.