While everyone raves about the beaches during summertime, fall in San Diego is my favorite season by far. The weather slowly cools from a feverish 80-90 degrees to a pleasant 60-70 degrees, and we can actually enjoy the outdoors other than the waterpark and the beach. The tourists have returned home and the theme parks aren't packed anymore, and fun school and family activities have returned to celebrate fall in San Diego.

Fall in San Diego

fall in san diego at the park

Some Boy's favorite activity in the fall by far is playing in the park.

fall at the wild animal park in san diego

We always plan a little trip to the Wild Animal Park in Escondido after the weather cools slightly (Escondido is HOT!). This fall in San Diego, I took Colby for the first time and Some Boy got to meet the lorikeets.

fall in san diego

We watch all the kids' sports activities start up again during fall in San Diego.

We incorporate pants back into our wardrobe!

baking with the family

Indoors, now that the house isn't totally boiling, we turn on the oven and start baking again. As Christmastime nears, we even love to whip up some hot chocolate and cuddle up by the fire.

Together Counts

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