the family cat

From the day we picked him up at the shelter, Ulysses was a part of our family. The family cat. He fit right in largely because he was willing to throw his weight around…just like the rest of us. We're a family of stubborn individuals and Ulysses is no different. He has declared my pillow as his own and he acts like we've committed some sort of crime against humanity catmanity if we eat tuna or shrimp without giving him some.

But I think the day he earned his title as THE family cat was the day he peed on Nate.

I kid you not.

Nate was minding his own business, lounging on his stomach trying to catch a nap on the bed, when Ulysses pounced up on his back. He looked for a minute like he was going to curl up and go to sleep right there. I was standing in the doorway contemplating what a cute pair Nate and his little Ulysses make. That's when it happened. Swear words and a sudden scuffle ensued as Nate leapt up, yanking the little cat off his back. “You little…!” Ulysses didn't even stop peeing in that moment, sending droplets scattering everywhere.

It's not uncommon for male cats to pee on things in the house as a sign of ownership. Particularly male tabbies, even if you have them fixed. They tend to be dominant. Ulysses was no different, and it took us awhile to teach him that he really didn't need to pee on everything to claim it as his own. The couch, the carpet…Nate. He claimed it all. And that's when we officially claimed him as the family cat.