family portrait tips

Nate's family owns a media business, so I've gleaned up a LOT of family portrait tips watching them take pictures of Some Boy. That lucky little dude's life has been well-documented up to this point, and there's fortunately a lot of clear, print-ready photos taken with high-quality cameras instead of just the little iPhone that I'm attached to at the hip. Here are some of the best family portrait tips I've picked up:

  • Keep clothing simple. Avoid bold patterns or bright colors, and dress in slimming, dark colors and jewel tones.
  • Wear long sleeves. This will draw more attention up to your face.
  • Wear nice shoes and bottoms. Even though you may only be planning on a headshot, you might end up with a few full-length shots anyway.
  • Dress the whole family in clothes that complement each other. You don't want one kid running around in a bathing suit and one in a tutu. Choose an ensemble that won't distract or clash.

While we're lucky enough to have experts in our family and professional cameras at our fingertips for fun modern photos and outdoor shoots, I still have a soft spot for traditional studio pictures (just like we had when I was a kid!). I like comparing mine and my husband's baby studio photos to my son's and seeing the same types of backdrops still in use. They really draw attention to the face and look great side-by-side. There are also a lot of creative ways that families can customize their portraits in a studio setting – go check out my latest Pinterest board for some fun ideas!

jcpportraits is a studio we like to us, and now through the end of April they have a special promotion going on where you can get 6 traditional portrait sheets for just $20, AND a free $9 sitting fee (you can find a jcpportraits near you with the location finder on their site). This would be a good way to preserve some memories and have some nice framed photos ready just in time for Mother's Day. I'm thinking I may take the opportunity to get some pictures taken of Some Boy and my mom together.

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