what's on our list

Every time we near December, I get the same question over and over again: what's on your list this year?

Friends and family want to know what we're buying for ourselves, for them, for the kids, for the house. Last year it was ALL about gearing up for baby, giving thanks to the friends who had supported us, and getting settled in our new home. This year it's about addressing our family's basic needs. My poor toddler doesn't have a single pair of shoes that fit him properly, and I've lost last year's baby weight (yay!) but am now left with absolutely nothing in my entire closet that doesn't hang on me like a tent (boo). So I'm going to be honest and say that when I hit up those Cyber Monday Sales, it's going to be all about us.

need new clothes

We shop online (because going in-store with two kids under 3 is akin to herding cats with a lawnmower) and hit the big Cyber Monday Sales on sites like Coupons.com to get all the best savings in one place. I'm already nabbing pre-sale deals like up to 50% off clothing at Target and half off things like tools and tech on Amazon. I spied a 15% off deal at TOMS so I can finally get my first pair that's not a knockoff. Nate can finally stop wearing his college t-shirts. Imagine that!

holiday travel

Family and business travel are still pretty big priorities for us (bonding time and personal growth and whatnot) so I'm keeping a sharp eye out for any savings on travel gear and flight expenses. $35 off $300 at Overstock.com for new customers will help with some new camping equipment, as will a 20% off discount at Sierra Trading Post.