famous last words

I have this weird habit of telling Nate I love him constantly. I'll pop my head in on him in the shower, “I love you!” or text him when he's out running errands. I'm sure this seems to be borne out of insecurity, but it really isn't. Fact is, you just never know what might happen at any given moment! What if I were to get hit by a bus and I hadn't told my family I loved them that day? I know it's a teensy bit morbid, but I like to increase the likelihood that my last words will be memorable instead of something like “Don't forget the eggs” or “Remind me to shampoo the carpet.” Here are some famous last words of people who were taken by surprise just moments later.

“That was the best ice-cream soda I ever tasted.” – Lou Costello

“Wait a minute!” – Pope Alexander VI

“I'm so bored with it all.” – Winston Churchill

“This is absurd!” – Sigmund Freud

“Aw, no one's gonna shoot at me.” – Lee Harvey Oswald, moments before being shot

“That picture is awful dusty.” – Jesse James

“I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis.” – Humphrey Bogart

“Don't worry, it's not loaded.” – Terry Kath

“Pee pee.” – Freddie Mercury

“Okay, I won't.” – Elvis Presley, after his wife told him not to fall asleep in the bathroom

“Either the wallpaper goes, or I do.” – Oscar Wilde

“Utter nonsense.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

If you could choose your last words, what would they be? Would you go for humor or something memorable?