And now, it is time for me to write a blog post about fancy pants.

I love yoga pants

Frankly? I. Love. Pants. It's not just the feminist in me that secretly rebels against skirts and blowdryers. Being able to high-kick on a whim is awesome. And the comfort. Oh my gosh. Especially when said pants are of the yoga sort. High-waisted elastic and stretch cotton, you woo me. 

I remember the first time I wore yoga pants to an office job. My boss was all, “Are you wearing yoga pants right now? Do you even practice yoga?” and I was like, “These are my fancy pants, boss lady!” and she was all, “No. You can't wear yoga pants to work.”

It was around then that I quit desk jobs and never looked back.

Morgan Culture

Around that same time, I met this gal. Morgan Culture. The aptly-named Morgan is so very full of culture, as many of my Los Angeles pals are. We volunteered together at Craftcation and I took her block printing class. Nobody can wield a potato quite like Morgan, but her real talent is in textiles.

Yes, fancy pants! I said textiles.

yoga pants
This is my duck face. All the cool kids on Instagram are doing it.

Morgan is an artist with any combination of cloth and paint. She creates custom gowns, sculptures, and wearable art of just about any variety. Dang it, I should've asked her to make my Grammys dress. But my favorite creations from Morgan are her LAYGS everyday line. You guessed it. They're my absolute favorite fancy pants. She makes hand-painted leggings, yoga pants, accessories and even shirts.

fancy pants

She turns yoga pants into an art form. Bonafide, beautiful fancy pants that let me go from exercise to date night in a flash.

professional leggings

And don't even get me started on the LEGGINGS! One size fits most, which is a definite plus for my ever-expanding-and-shrinking-baby-having body. Yes, I wear leggings to work as well (on the random days here and there when I'm sucked into high-rise meetings with a client). Slap on a pair of these for your morning workout, then throw on a bulky sweater and boots and you're ready to face down those executives. It's all about keeping things simple and low-stress.

The leggings are $34.50, with the fancy pants coming in at $42 (a serious steal for an item that goes with EVERYTHING, especially considering that the yoga pants Morgan makes use those cozy cotton spandex American Apparel pants we all know and love with the flip-up or flip-down waist).

LAYGS shirt

The shirts come in at $22 and are gorgeous for men and women alike, making them a sweet gift for the gals OR guys in your life. Her husband's wearing one in that photo up top. Aren't they adorable? Morgan even does custom orders for those who must have a particular combo like blue-on-yellow or purple-on-white. Any Minnesota Vikings fans here?

Go forth and get yourself some fancy pants! And if you're in Los Angeles, go check her out at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles.