high end fashion on a budget

My life is taking on all sorts of fanciness, guys.

everyday clothes

This has been a common experience for me in recent months. I've been traveling a lot lately and I end up in phenomenal places meeting with incredibly talented people. But here I am in my “mom uniform.” A tank top, skinny jeans, and versatile sandals. You know what I'm talking about. This is easy. I don't have to think about what I'm putting on in the morning.

jewelry that makes the cut

But I've been trying to step up my game. It really doesn't take much to go from boring to bold. A few well-sourced accessories. Perhaps a pretty frock or vest to cover up those tacky bra straps. My mom would be so embarrassed.

metallic vest

I decided that I needed to fancify my wardrobe to feel less like a fish out of water in the business world. So I headed to Sears.

carry yourself with confidence

Yes, Sears.

Because at the end of the day, I am a mom and I am a businesswoman and I'm in a HURRY. I need a place where I can pick up a power tool, buy some Halloween decorations and score some fashion on a budget all at the same time. And as a major bonus, Sears has a Shop Your Way rewards program that gives me special discounts in-store and added perks.

High fashion on a budget. Buying discount without looking like you cut corners. #shop #ThisisStyle

Fashion on a Budget: Get the Look for Less

That's really the core of what all my tips on clothing and accessories come down to: know who you are and what works for you. Ogle over the runway photos and then adapt that to your lifestyle and what's within your price range. Pin the pretty looks but maybe ditch the lace if you have a toddler. If you're on your feet all day, opt for fancy flats instead of heels. If you love fashion but don't have a lot of money, shop the clearance racks and keep an eye out for those special textures and colors that will set you apart. I, for one, like to look for bold patterns and accessories that are easy to pair with my more subdued basics.

bold statement pieces

If you're looking to incorporate high end fashion on a budget, go for the wow effect without going TOO crazy. Chunky jewelry, soft satin-effect fabrics that are easy to take care of (not to mention cheaper) than the real deal. Don't go overboard with looks that are unachievable, because you'll never actually wear them. For me, converting my regular mom uniform is as simple as adding a couple accessories. I scored this look altogether for less than $50. You can find some more inspiration ni the Live SoFab magazine below.

How do you get high end fashion on a budget?