I've had the chance to meet with several fashion stylists throughout my life, but most of their helpful tips got thrown out the window after Some Boy was born. Accessories? Please. Earrings and necklaces have become chew toys at best and choking hazards at worst. I can no longer wear pretty silks and sheer tops as they inevitably get baby “stuff” on them and I never pay full price for clothes anymore because my budget is relegated to toys and baby food. I've been in desperate need of someone to help me mesh my old style with my new lifestyle.

my sister's closet san diego

Fortunately, My Sister's Closet recently opened a location in San Diego (down in the UTC area) and they hosted a little event with helpful fashion stylist tips from renowned stylist Mahjuba. Thanks God for this woman. And this store. My Sister's Closet offers used high-end brand name items at 60-90% off. All clothes and accessories are hand-picked so they're in excellent condition, but moms like me can actually afford them and don't have to resort to picking our clothes up at Target when we're out on a diaper run. Yeah, I may have become guilty of excessive Target shopping lately. It's convenient and good for staples, but I've noticed that I start to look like every other mom on the block with the faded jeans and black t-shirt uniform. I love having My Sister's Closet so close by to find those “wow” pieces that make me feel really put together, and I can even snag great prices on well-made must-have items that I know will last a long time and won't shrink or fray.

Mahjuba helped me sift through the seemingly endless racks of men's and women's clothes at My Sister's Closet and picked out some perfect, flattering pieces for my rapidly expanding belly. Yeah, you can find some seriously cute pregnancy clothes at non-maternity shops if you just think outside the box a little. I'm so excited to have some shirts and dresses that will flow gracefully over my body as I get bigger, yet I don't have to jump straight into the maternity outfits right away. Pants are the one area where I had to cave almost immediately to the specially made maternity fit. No getting around that.

mahjuba fashion style tips

There were a few different moms at the even with kids ranging from teeny tots to upper-20's, but we all found that Mahjuba's tips helped us out with our busy lives. Here are some can't fail fashion stylist tips she offered for moms:

  • Have that “wow” piece
  • Dress for your body type. Don't try to squeeze yourself into a size too small or wear skinny jeans if they don't flatter you. Fitting your body is more important than fitting into a trend.
  • Must-have essentials:
    • Jeans: You need one for flats, one for date night and one dark wash. Find a good tailor who can make your jeans fit you right if they're too long. And pockets should end before your “butt curve” – no need to go making your backside look droopy.
    • Fitted white t-shirts: they're great for layering. Get short-sleeved and long.
    • Cardigans. They're versatile, can be belted, and are great fro dressing any outfit up or down. And with our California weather here, that's about all you need to make an outfit from grom summer to fall.
  • Editing your style:
    • Make sure you have three ways to wear it any piece that you bring home.
    • Buy the one good piece that will last longest, even if it's more expensive.

Now it's time to go through your closet and get rid of all that old stuff. Like that shirt from high school that you cling to for some bizarre reason. No, it will never fit you again. Why not consign it over to My Sister's Closet and pick up some “wow” pieces instead?