Should shades be the same throughout sections of a house?

We are in full Marie Kondo-style purge mode over here as we approach the new year. While we were ripping out walls and patching stuff up in the living room, we went ahead and closed up the useless jack-and-jill doorway that led from the kids' playroom to their bedroom closet. All of the furniture is upended, toys are everywhere, and I'm getting everything organized before anything goes back in place.

Simple shades can open up a room and make the space more versatile.

Speaking of the boys' room, we've been so pleased with the shade switch we did with our sponsor Made Blinds, we decided to go ahead and use the same shade style in the playroom.

Should shades be the same throughout sections of a house?

We already yanked everything away from the window to clear space for the contractors to demo in the corner, so it seemed like a good time to ditch these weird Cinderella-esque drapes. The sun comes around this corner of the house every afternoon, and those sheer things left from the previous owners were absolutely no help.

Simple roller shade in toy room

BAM! The roller shades went in and quickly cut back on that glaring SoCal sun.

Bamboo shades in office

Over in the office-turned-my-sister's-room, painted bamboo shades were looking a little tired and not really matching anything anymore. Plus, they were very heavy and hard to pull up-and-down, meaning that this room mostly wound up in dark-and-dreary mode all the time.

Simple roller shade in office

TADA! We stuck the same roller shades in here and the impact was immediate, even without moving any of my sister's clutter.

I love that our picks helped create a cohesive shade look in this end of the house, and we can customize the look later with a valance or curtains if we ever feel inclined. All three of these rooms are next to each other, so guests going from the living room to the hall bathroom can get a glance at each along the way. Putting the same window treatments in each room throughout the hallway really gave the whole space a much more put-together feel.

Even if these spaces aren't actually put together at all.

Do you think that adjacent spaces should have window shades and colors that flow well together, or do you treat each space separately?