I've been having trouble finding inspiration lately. Baby Sidekick is having a lot of stomach problems and he just won't stop screaming. All. The. Time. We're pretty sure we've narrowed it down to a gluten or dairy intolerance. He's still breastfeeding so I've cut those things out of my diet and they should eventually get out of my system and out of his and solve the problem. Hopefully. Anyway, in the meantime, there's a lot of crying. Crying and crying and crying and I swear…I think I might go freaking batnuggets insane if doesn't stop soon.

finding inspiration sea hag tattoo

So when Nate asked me how I wanted to redecorate the boys' room, I drew a complete blank for the first time in my life. Monkeys? Airplanes? Bleh. Everything that popped into my mind sounded generic and boring. See, Uncle Brian is moving out of the back room soon so the boys will be moving in there, making their current room the guest room and giving me my very own bonafide craft room! Assuming I don't go crazy first, and I actually get to do crafts ever again in my entire life. I have my doubts.

So I was having trouble finding inspiration for the boys' new room until we went to get our latest round of tattoos. Nate and I both have the boys' names tattooed down our back (corny, I know). We always get our ink done by the same guy at this trendy place in Los Angeles, but he moved to a new shop and we can't figure out where he's located now. Tragedy! He was the gentlest, sweetest tattoo artist ever. I was heartbroken when the old shop wouldn't tell me where he went (oh yeah, by the way…screw you, Freak Chic and your uppity phone-answery dude. You suck). So we did a little Googling and nervously walked into a shop up in Temecula called Sea Hag. Oh my adorable. It's run by this Martha Stewart-looking lady (if you can imagine Martha Stewart wielding an electromagnetic ink gun of pain) who has decorated the whole place in a nautical theme. Her assistant did our tattoos, and he was SUCH a nice guy. We spent the whole time chatting about how he's raising backyard chickens and living the sustainable life with his wife and two babies out in the sticks. Sounds familiar.

Finding Inspiration…at a Tattoo Parlor

finding design inspiration

While we were laying on the tattoo table being repeatedly needle-prodded, we started to look around and marvel over the decor in the place. Slowly, we started finding inspiration where we least expected it. The owner did the entire thing herself, sourcing old nautical equipment and boat wheels on Craigslist, and finding shabby chic accents in thrift stores. She even made faux boat trim by creating little button knobs with plaster of paris and candy molds and super-gluing them to raised, painted wood strips on the wall.

And how cute is this? I could totally make my own octopus tentacle with a yard or so of felt in alternating colors and little white felt pieces. We could hang up funky hand-drawn marine-style artwork all over the place and use wallpaper for accent sections. Nate and I had kind of given up on brainstorming for the time being, but we wound up finding inspiration for the boys' room at our tattoo shop! I guess that's the thing about finding inspiration: it has a way of finding you.

My New Tattoo?

While we were there, I decided to get THIS little beauty…

Kidding! Kidding. I love you hun, but no way in hell is this ever happening. I did, however, text this Photoshopped pic to Opa and he totally bought it for like, half a second.

Tee hee.