This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of KinderCare.

family learning

I don't have the kids in any form of childcare or education center right now, and I sometimes worry about whether or not I'm fostering their development well enough. Some Boy is in this really amazing stage where he picks up on everything around him and mimics it. His sudden decision to start scolding his brother, “No! No no no no no!” the other day made me realize I haven't been quite as forgiving as I perhaps ought to be. I try to find teachable moments for him to learn from whenever possible, but sometimes those moments are truly meant for ME.

toddler teaching a baby

Having two kids back-to-back has been such a blessing. The older one is constantly teaching the younger one, which reassures me that I'm doing a pretty good job setting an example for him.

toddler teaching a cat

He even tries to teach the cat on occasion. Ulysses isn't particularly responsive. He has little interest in learning his shapes.

Turning Frustrating Experiences into Teachable Moments

teachable moments

One area that's taken a bit of work for me personally has been learning to use the frustrating times as teachable moments. It's easy to sit and read from a book about colors and numbers. The real learning, however, comes right in the midst of life. It happens when you least expect it and parents have to be prepared to slow down and let children experience the world. When the toddler insists on getting in my way while I'm cleaning…I now hand him a broom. Sometimes it's time for me to cook and he is seriously set on crawling into the oven. Letting him take part in the experience by simulating my activity has been huge. Mealtime is becoming a big battle for us and again, I've found that making it an exciting activity for him has gone a long way for us. When he refuses to eat his chicken nuggets, I don't stress anymore. We use those little bites to practice counting. He's so thrilled that he can count to three, that he often forgets what he was fighting about in the first place.

It's all about looking at the challenge at hand, and thinking about how you can turn it around as something to learn from.

How to find teachable moments with toddlers

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of KinderCare.