first easter basket

Some Boy's first Easter AND his first birthday are coming up this month, so it's gonna be a busy one for us! I'm just glad he wasn't born on Easter. I don't think I could handle that much festivity in one day.

bunny baby

I've been nabbing Easter stuff as I see it along the way, so we ended up getting everything for his first Easter basket (including a necessity or two that I've been meaning to pick up for him anyway) for less than $30. Just some cute little trinkets like rubber duckies, bubbles, Sesame Street DVDs, etc.

first easter

I know a lot of my friends are thinking, “He's a baby! What on earth do you put in a baby‘s Easter basket?” A lot, actually. And here's a secret that your stealthy parents never revealed: Easter baskets aren't just for kids. Yeah, I snuck a thing or two in there for Nate and I. You don't think Some Boy's going to eat all those Peeps himself, do you?

first easter collage

Aside from candy, Easter baskets can be filled with all sorts of healthy treats and fun stuff like DVDs and toys. Oh yeah, I put a sippy cup in there, too. What? Santa always toothbrushes in my stocking as a kid, so I can put a sippy cup in Some Boy's first Easter basket. Not like he'll know the difference, anyway.

first easter toys

And how cute is that little green duck? Some Boy's first birthday theme is going to be a rubber ducky party, so I've slowly been collecting cute ducks whenever I come across them. We even have a pirate duck that Nate picked up at Walmart.

first easter basket

Happy Easter! What would you put in a baby Easter basket?