We're going to Disneyland! You all know how much I love theme parks with little kids (I mean, I pretty much ONLY had these children so I could ride the Fantasyland rides at Disneyland without feeling like a dork), so I was ridiculously excited when Disney reached out to invite us to #DisneySMmoms, their on-site conference for blogging families. It'll be our first time at the conference, and Sidekick's first time at Disneyland! Follow us all weekend over on Instagram to see our updates.


To gear up for our big Disney experience, Kohl's invited us to try out their new Disney-themed line of kids wear from Jumping Beans. The adorably vintage retro outfits capture the playful enthusiasm and Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I nabbed a couple shirts to take to Disney with the boys, and did my best at explaining the concept of Disneyland to them since Some Boy was too young to remember his first visit (but he was ecstatic at the idea of meeting Mike Wazowski).

As with any Disneyland trip announcement, there was excitement.


A little bewilderment.


Brotherly love to soothe the inevitable meltdown.


Dancing! Seriously, this kid is always dancing.


And, eventually, total joy and uncontrollable drooling.

In case you're wondering what's up with the the battle scar on Sidekick's face right now, he took a gnarly face plant the other day when he decided to leap off of the TV console like a deranged acrobat.


And this kid just wanted to play in the dirt (pretty sure he's gonna LOVE Tom Sawyer Island).