fitcation 2013

Last weekend I headed up to Paso Robles, CA to meet with my fit bloggy friends for Fitcation 2013. I'd never been to Fitcation before and I was a little unsure what to expect. I feared they would just make me work out all day, every day (I'll admit I'm not in the best shape of my life having had two kids in the last three years). There WAS plenty of yoga and crossfit to go around, but the event focused more on general health and sustainability. Food, wine and active lifestyle. This was MY kind of conference!

blogger wine tour

Being that we were all gathered in central California, a big focus was wine. SIP Certified Vineyards took us around to some gorgeous wineries including Halter Ranch and Castoro Cellars and hosted a face-to-face evening with the winemakers themselves, where I discovered my new favorite estate-grown Cass Viognier.

wine tasting

I learned that wines with the SIP seal are grown organically and sustainably under intense scrutiny by an independent certification board. It can be overwhelming trying to find wines that are sourced responsibly, and so many labels nowadays throw around terms like “green” and “sustainable.” It can be difficult to discern what's ending up on the table at the end of the day! SIP certifies over 100 growers of all sizes throughout California so I can easily find local wine that meets my criteria.


Earth Footwear hosted an evening of pampering foot massages in a beautiful winery barn while we got to play around and try on their health and wellness-oriented footwear.

blogger bonding

I took home a sweet, comfortable pair of ballet flats that are now my go-to shoe for conferences. I wore them around ABC Kids Expo yesterday and not only did I get a ton of compliments on my snazzy style, but my feet are also thanking me today.

Earth footwear

Next on my must-have list: combat boots.

Paso Robles general store

Finally, Paso Robles itself has a ton of fun sightseeing and I'm hoping I get the chance to head back there with Nate and the kids one day soon. The city is quaint and sweet and filled with hidden gems like the Paso Robles General Store and Studios on the Park.

Hearst Castle

While you're there, it's easy to  hop in the car and take a quick trip to the Pasolivo tasting room to try hand-picked farm fresh olive oil. Don't miss the chance to see nearby Hearst Castle and go kayaking in Morro Bay!

SIP Earth Day Food and Wine Festival

For my fellow Californians who haven't experienced all the awesome food, wine and sightseeing that Paso Robles has to offer, the Earth Day Food & Wine Festival is a really good chance to get up there. Over 200 growers, vintners and chefs come together with exclusive, hands-on experiences so you can enjoy rad farm tours like the kind you always see me raving about. I love farm life, and it makes me downright giddy to see growers open their homes to visitors so people can experience how their food goes from farm to table.