I'm a total gadget nerd. My obsession with cool electronic doodads and fitness technology is only closely rivaled by my love of sitting on the couch guzzling chocolate syrup.

Fitness technology for the family

I'll admit it: I have a tendency to fall into a sad slump of mindless TV-watching after a mentally-exhausting day spent on my butt working at the computer. It's a challenge to get motivated and get moving when I'm tired, but I've fortunately found that fitness technology does the trick. Something about the shiny curves of a wearable, the self-driven competition of activity apps and those fun-making gamifying toys…they suck me in like spandex to Jane Fonda's glutes. Today, I'm working with the Microsoft store to share my favorite fitness technology.

Fitness Technology That Motivates in Style

Fitness technology to help get a jump on workouts and get in shape

The Microsoft store has a ton of innovative products to jump start New Years Resolutions and stay on a healthy track throughout all of next year. I don't personally set goals in terms of pounds and inches. However, I definitely have a little fluff lingering after Minion's birth a month ago. I plan to shed those “baby rolls” as soon as possible. That's a much better term than “love handles,” don't you think?

Track sleep and activity, monitor your heart rate, count calories and set and meet goals as well as sharing results with your friends. It's the ultimate in fitness bragability.

Smart Scale
There's nothing like seeing a charted downward trend in body fat percentage to keep you inspired.

Xbox One + Kinect
Turn your daily workouts into a game with workouts such as P90X, Insane Cardio, Crazy Abz and Max Interval through the Zumba and Insanity programs.

Fitness technology for the family

Surface Pro 3
Nate and I live an active lifestyle largely because we have the freedom to work from anywhere. Combine work and play! Tablets are some of the best fitness technology for me, simply because they unchain you from your desk and give you the ability to be agile. The Surface Pro 3 is a lightweight but heavy-lifting workhorse that can be tossed into a Camelback pack so you can get stuff done wherever you feel most inspired (and then entertain yourself with some videos, music or games). Best of all, the Microsoft store has a special going on right now offering customers a $100 gift code and your choice of sleeve with the purchase of a Surface Pro 3.

Surface Pro 3

Wireless Display Adapter
With media at the tips of your fingers on the Surface Pro 3, you can turn a TV into your personal workout guide. The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter will help you stream workout videos and keep an upbeat tempo with your personalized playlists – straight from your tablet.

Action Camera
Still going strong several years after breaking into the fitness technology scene, the GoPro can be a good motivator for pushing your limits. Strap one onto your bike or on the tips of your roller blades. At the end of your most intense workouts, you can play back a recap of your own progress.

Fitness Watch
Very similar to the Fitbit, the Adidas miCoach Smart RUN Watch monitors heart rate AND offers up GPS and music to keep you going.

Resistant to sweat and weather, the Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones are designed to keep up with the most active of listeners.

Fitness technology for the family

Typically used for impressing neighbors or making the cat run in hilariously endless circles, drones can serve as surprisingly effective fitness technology to wear down the kids. We have one for videography purposes that we occasionally chase around in open spaces, combining work with a little light-hearted recreation. The Microsoft store carries several options.

Reaching your goals is easier with the right tools, and 2015 offers up a plethora of smarter tech for a healthier you. What's your favorite fitness technology?

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