oh my god booties

I have this thing about shoes. I love them. Especially flats and especially boots. My current obsession is this flat booty that I came upon over on Sole Society. The grey is versatile so this shoe goes with everything, and there's no annoying heel to trip me up. Don't get me wrong: heels have their place and their time. For me, however, the place is suburban San Diego and the time is the middle of winter. Anything over a couple inches is frivolous right now.

flat shoes

I sought out a new pair of flat booties because my feet grew a half-size when I was pregnant with Some Boy and all of my favorite shoes no longer fit. Apparently there is this chemical in women's bodies that relax their ligaments (including the ones in the feet) when they're pregnant so that their stomachs can stretch to accommodate the growing baby. Just one catch: there's nothing to ever tell the body to pull itself back together! So there goes hundreds of dollars worth of my favorite shoes. At least I have a good excuse to shop now.

flat booties

I joined this monthly shoe club called Sole Society awhile back when they had a good deal through Plum District. You sign up and answer questions about your preferences and they create a list of shoes for you based on what you like (you can see me walk through the whole process over on Google+). That's how I discovered Lolita. Yes, they name their shoes after women the same wasy Coach does with their bags. Lolita is a low-profile flat booty that's super-versatile and – most importantly – super-comfortable. I can wear them with a sweater dress, a mid-length skirt, skinny jeans, leggings. I'm all about clothes and accessories that make my day easier, which is why I'm so dang in love with these flat booties. They only cost $49.95, but they are synthetic…not leather. That's totally fine by me, though. My other favorite pair of boots in the world (come to think of it, they're the only other pair that fits me anymore besides my Uggs) are also synthetic, and they've been holding up really well. I've found that synthetic shoes are also easier for me to clean.

What do you think? Where do you get your favorite shoes?

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