flipflop wines

I'll be completely honest here…I'm no fancy-pants wine┬áconnoisseur. I once took a wine and cheese pairing class during a family vacation and learned exactly two things. One: I could eat my way through an entire fortress made of Havarti. Two: Grandma turns into a freaking comedian after a couple glasses of red. That being said, however, I am a real person with real taste buds and I know what I like. I can't tell you which bottle goes with which dish, but I can tell you that it annoys the heck out of me when a waiter describes a glass of wine as having “earthy undertones of pepper and leather.” Who in their right mind would drink leather?? Just give me some wine that tastes good and doesn't cost a fortune.

flipflop wines label

Flipflop wines is that wine. The wine I've been searching for. It tastes delicious (the Riesling is my favorite, it's sweet and I swear I can actually taste the peach in it), and it has a simple label on the back of each bottle that demystifies the whole wine “process.” No more wondering if I'm committing some sort of wine faux pas by serving Chardonnay with my pasta. The back of each Flipflop bottle tells you exactly what to expect, listing main ingredients, good pairings, serving tips and the wine's characteristics.

flipflop wines twist-off

Best of all: it's twist-off! I know that's probably not high on the priority list of what people search for in a wine, but for me it's an awesome bonus. No more digging for the corkscrew. I can be spontaneous and simply grab of bottle, toss it in my picnic basket and head to the park for a last-minute romantic evening.

Flipflop wines are quite inexpensive, running at just $7 per bottle. On top of that, they've even partnered with Soles4Souls to give back – so you can feel ever better about your purchase! For every bottle of Flipflop wines purchased, Soles4Souls distributes a pair of shoes to someone in need. Check out the Flipflop wines Facebook page to learn more about these wines and this awesome partnership.

Flipflop sent me some of their wines to try, with no obligation to post a review. All opinions are my own.