Celebrating with sister

Mother's Day is over.

Thank sweet baby Jesus.

For all the pampering and indulgence moms are rumored to receive on this hyped-up holiday, it sure is stressful. I see SO many of my friends get all freaked out about it every single year. They worry about awkward relationships with their maternal figures. Unspoken tensions suddenly come to a head when they're forced to pick between flowers and chocolates and jewelry.

“Are diamonds inappropriate? Is this coming off as some sort of mea culpa for always choosing to spend Christmas with the other half of the family? Does it seem like I'm implying that her new husband is too cheap to buy her accessories? I mean he IS, but I don't want to pick at any open wounds, here.”

As for me, I pretty much shrugged the whole thing off, as I'm apt to do. I left the kids at home with Nate and spent a night out on the town with my sister. Because in celebration of this day for me, that is exactly where I wanted to be.

New Kids on the Block Main Event show

I mentioned last week that we were headed to see New Kids on the Block on behalf of Cottonelle's Go Commando campaign.

Which was AWESOME, by the way.

It was even more perfect that it happened to fall on Mother's Day weekend.

Danny Wood's Dad

Before all the VIP meet-and-greet stuff, Danny Wood's dad came around to chat with fans. I just love peeking behind the curtain and seeing when big-shot stars put their families first. It's hard to juggle it all on the road, but it speaks volumes to see these guys making the effort. The band itself was amazing. I don't think I have to tell you how great NKOTB is, but you should watch this if you haven't seen what they're up to nowadays.

Nelly and TLC opened, and I don't think there was a dry eye in the arena when Chilli asked fans to raise a light in honor of Lisa Lopes…to the tune of Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls. It was the most intense concert moment I've witnessed.

And I've seen Roger Waters play the Hollywood Bowl, so that's no small feat.

Toilet paper flowers (sweet for a wedding or a party, or even a baby shower...make them out of baby wipes!?)

I even managed to get some crafty inspiration when I found these Cottonelle-concocted toilet paper flowers in the bathroom. Kudos to the PR genius who came up with this idea!

And then sis and I got to talk and talk and talk on our ride home in the town car. I feel just a tinsy bit bad for out poor driver.

Overall, it was perfect.

If YOUR Mother's Day didn't go quite as smoothly, it's not too late to have a do-over. You can enter to win an all-expense paid trip to meet NKOTB at their hometown performance in Boston on Thursday, June 25. At the very least, you can nab yourself some free samples of Cottonelle.

Hey, next time your mother-in-law complains that your presents aren't “personal enough,” maybe try gifting some of THAT. I dare you.