google sucks

I opened Google Reader the other day and saw this horribly frightening and depressing notice. I know, I'm behind the times. I heard that this was coming awhile back but you know me…I went completely into denial mode and ignored it as long as possible. If you don't use Google Reader and have NO idea what I'm talking about, you missed out on an awesome program that fed the latest blog content into an easy-to-digest stream format without bogging down your inbox. My own personal, customized online news magazine. Kind of along the same lines of “liking” Facebook pages, but a lot less annoying and cluttery.

I swear, Google always shuts down my favorite services. They're also closing the books on Cloud Connect, Voice for Blackberry and a whole host of other stuff. My ex-boyfriend works at Google. True story. Or so I've heard…we're actually not on speaking terms. Anyway, my theory is that he's behind every single one of these terrible ideas and they've all been concocted to personally aggravate me. I know, I knoooow…that's unlikely. And it's also highly inappropriate for me to think, let alone type that out and post it online. But what does it matter since GOOGLE READER IS GOING AWAY AND NONE OF MY BELOVED RSS SUBSCRIBERS CAN EVEN SEE THIS ANYMORE?!?!?!?

Sorry. I'm clearly a little worked up. And sick. In the head. Literally. I have this gnarly head cold thing going on that just makes me want to burrow my face in a steamy vat of VapoRub and hibernate there for a week or two. Or perhaps until July 1st, when this whole Google Reader heartbreak session is over.

No Google, I dump YOU!


Long story long, we're moving over to BlogLovin. You can easily transfer all of your favorite google Reader blogs over there.

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