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Everything you ever wanted to know about rice

I have one of those kids who wants to know how everything in the entire world works. He needs to investigate every single thing to death. Thank goodness we have Mighty Machines and Bill Nye streaming on Netflix.

14 Healthy Lunch Foods to Stock up On

Healthy lunch foods with the kids
It's back to school time here! People frequently ask how the kids manage school when our business requires a lot of family travel. I shared some of our frustrations and schooling solutions last year. We've taken a blended approach by keeping our son in public school and using the district's 'independent study' program when we feel it's appropriate, opting out of certain things that don't work for him and supplementing with our own curriculum at home. There were a few bumps along the way, but we got into an awesome groove by the end of the year. We've been continuing our at-home lessons through the summer and it's been such a joy. Sometimes I really do think that I could teach them myself.

Summer is the Season of Grilling

Our first son is only in kindergarten and already he is asking about summer break. I mean, sure, it was bound to happen at some point but getting the “when is school out” blues is a bit premature at this point. He just turned six, for crying out loud! Then again, summer is the season of children.

17 Smart Smoothie Hacks

smoothie hacks | ginger
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Meta through their partnership with ShopStyle. While I was compensated by ShopStyle Collective to write a post about Meta's product, all opinions are my own.Here I am. Sports bra on. Twenty extra pounds around my midsection. Spit-up on my shirt. Messy house. Zero shame.This isn't the style that most women my age strive...

Merry Mandarins

Merry mandarins! Make an elf and a reindeer for a sweet Christmas snack that the kids will love.
Well, look at these sweet little dudes!A few simple supplies and some mandarins, and you've got yourself a crafty Christmas snack the kids will gobble up.Every fall we work with Halos to create content featuring their juicy, perfectly-peelable mandarins. It's such a great fit for us because they're the ideal snack for little hands, and we have plenty of those around here.I...

Creating a Super-Easy Snack Station

Creating a healthy snack station with hangable/removable wall baskets so parents can easily see how snack supply is doing for lunch prep, and kids can quickly grab something without ransacking the cabinets between meals.
More on the back-to-school front, it's dawned on me that I'm suddenly responsible for packing lunches every single day. I decided to create a little snack station to make the job a bit easier.Say hello to snack central!Every morning I stumble out of bed, press the "go" button on my coffee maker and plop myself here at my snack station...

8 Food Presentation Tips from the Happiest Hosts

Food presentation tips from the happiest hosts: how to cover everything from drinks to dinner with minimal dishes and maximum effect.
I just got back from spending a couple days in California's Santa Ynez valley, up near Solvang. It is just as beautiful as everyone says, and I'm dying to take Nate and the boys back! Some blogger friends and I were hosted by ALDI, a German-based food market that has over 10,000 locations in over 18 countries. It's...

DIY Fruit Roll Ups

DIY Fruit Roll Ups
Spring is upon us! I'm currently staring at a big box of fresh herbs ready for planting. I'm so excited for berries harvested from the garden, jelly made at home and my kids' favorite DIY fruit roll ups.Strawberry-picking is a big thing here in San Diego. We have farms that let you go collect a big basket with the...

Sweet, Nostalgic Breakfast-in-Bed

Host a nostalgic breakfast in bed date with your husband
When I was a kid, breakfast-in-bed was a really special treat.My sister and I would get up early and tinker around in the kitchen. We loved concocting coffee mixtures for my mom after we scrounged around for “sugar” (salt) and “powdered creamer” (flour). She drank those clumpy lattes like a champ!My grandma was THE BEST at breakfast-in-bed. She let...

What Parents Want (But Won’t Ask For)

What parents want (normal things that are on a family shopping list that you can help out with in lieu of a baby shower gift)
This post was sponsored by Sam’s Club®, however, the text and opinions are all my own.This may come as a surprise, but we have a lot of grandparents reading the blog on a regular basis. Young couples turn their parents on to the site as they start having babies of their own. We get emails with advice from grandmas and grandpas (and Omas and Opas...