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Nate and I have finally gotten everything unpacked, but we're still working on making our house ours. Whenever we move into a new place, Nate always makes the same comments. “It doesn't look like ours. It doesn't smell like ours.” I set out to change that…time and time again, giving each new place a life of its own. Would you believe in the seven or so years we've known each other, we've moved six times? Most of that was college, so we've slowed down since then. A little.

The Pictures

frame collage

It seems like I'm on a constant quest for frames. Every single time we move, I hunt down new frames to put up the latest pictures of us. Our first place, I was all about gold frames. They were all antique and gaudy and flashy…in a good way. Then I got some funky silver metal ones, then I was onto all plain black. This time around, I picked up a bunch of old wooden frames from the store and painted them to create a fun collage above our couch. I do plan to actually put some photos of us in there…eventually.

The Colors

picture frame revamp

I go for a new color scheme just about every place we live (admittedly, in college the color scheme was “whatever they were selling cheap on Craigslist”). We had sort of a red and brown thing going on at our last place, but I'm over that now. We've moved on to teal blues, light greens, and a pop of yellow and cranberry here and there.

The Smells

fresh accents

Ah yes, the most important part. A house isn't a home until it smells like your family. Whether you grew up with cookies always in the stove, a vanilla candle burning in the kitchen or some big logs going in the fireplace, it's a nice touch to recreate your favorite smells in your home as your own children grow up. Nate and I both grew up in Washington with the smell of rain beating down on the pine needles outside. It's no easy feat to recreate that, but I came up with a good solution.

fresh accents ad

Renuzit has a smell called “After the Rain” (check out their awesome “Hello Gorgeous” campaign and get a coupon on Facebook to try it out for yourself  – you can see me shopping for it over on Google+, too) that, I kid you not, smells like home to me. I pick up a couple of these at Walmart to place throughout the house and before you know it, our new house smells like home.

fresh accents coupon

I also like that this air freshener is pretty and not bulky. It doesn't mess with my whole Feng Shui thing.

What are some clever ways you bring fresh accents into your home?

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