I introduced Flashback Friday (a little insight into my personal life from years past) a while ago with the story of my engagement. So yesterday when I was cleaning out some old drawers and came across a letter I wrote to Nate after we'd been dating a couple years, I thought it would be perfect to share.

Back story: Nate was an athlete in college, and the team had month-long camps before each season, during which they weren't allowed to have any visitors or leave the campus at all. The coaches took this really seriously and had the whole team stay in dorms for the month (to minimize distractions), which was always a huge bummer for me since it was the last month of summer. Way to end the vacation. Anyway, I wrote him this little letter while he was at camp and I was missing him, and then stuck it under his dorm room door while everyone was at practice.

Dear Nate,

I was eating a plum earlier today and remembering this plum tree that I had at my house when I was younger. I fell out of it once and managed to simultaneously sprain my ankle and hit my head on the tree trunk. Anyway, I hope we have a plum tree someday – but that our kids don't get hurt climbing it! I'll make plum sauce, plum jam, plum pie, plum sorbet, plum chicken salad…

Oh yeah, I go on. And on. And on about what a great cook I'll be and how many plum things I'll make. I'll spare you all that, though. Have you seen Forrest Gump? Remember the shrimp guy? Yeah, that was me in this letter…but with plums. Love makes people weird. And you know what? I never have used plums in a single recipe. Although plum chicken salad actually sounds pretty tasty.