People often ask me how I juggle the house, motherhood, blogging and general wifery all at the same time. It's not easy. The secret is to get a LOT of help. I thankfully have a ton of family nearby, and Oma and Opa take Some Boy whenever I need my hands free to get stuff (read: blog work) done. But sometimes the house maintenance things fall by the wayside. Stuff breaks, we don't have time to fix it. Story of a homeowner's life.

Sometimes it just makes more sense to hire a contractor for fixes, technical updates or downright tedious work. To be completely honest, I'm not averse to hiring out any sort of work if it fits in our budget. I sometimes even hire babysitters and housekeepers when I'm feeling overwhelmed. How very un-DIY of me!! I'm all about simplifying life. The ability to admit that I need help once in a while is something I've come to view as a strong character point, not an inadequacy. So there.

Using Friend Trusted to Get Stuff Done

friend trusted 01

But, there's a sourcing issue. I'm skeptical of Craigslist. Getting my furniture at a steal is one thing. Finding someone to muck around in my own home is a whole different ballgame. An acquaintance suggested I try this Friend Trusted app for iPhone and Android that lets you quickly upload a project and get bids on it from certified, reliable contractors from your smart phone.

I checked out their cute little video and could totally relate to the overwhelmed mom, so I gave it a whirl. These people seemed to speak my language.

friend trusted 02

I was hesitant to actually put pictures of my home projects into cyberspace for strangers to ogle at and bid on before I was totally sold on hiring someone for the job, so I ran through their “test job” section. They have a whole demo area devoted to newbies like me!

friend trusted 03

That process made me feel comfortable enough to put our prospective project out into the real world (yeah, this was totally on a whim and I didn't even discuss it with Nate first…surprise Hun!). I honestly think part of me didn't expect real people to see this and respond.

friend trusted 04

But then Friend Trusted's Customer Service reached out immediately to clarify the time frame of my project. Woah. There are actual human beings monitoring this app.

friend trusted 05


I know I shouldn't have been all that surprised. It has excellent reviews in the iTunes store on iPhone (also available to Android users!), but I'm a skeptic at heart. And it all just sounded too easy.

friend trusted 06

But THEN the quotes started rolling in. From real, legitimate people! These contractors had reviews from previous users, websites, photos of their work. Seriously legit. And I looked SO on top of it going to Nate and telling him I'd solved all his contracting needs at the push of a few buttons. Best wife of the year award goes to me.

Now I just need to find a similar app for dental work. Ugh.

Have you tried Friend Trusted? If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you should totally give it a shot!

This post is sponsored by Friend Trusted. All opinions, initial skepticism and final won-overed-ness are my own authentic thoughts and feelings.