I love that I have sponsors constantly asking me to talk about my diet. I get so giddy about healthy food, and I love the opportunity to join in an ongoing discussion about it! Silk is my go-to source for non-dairy milk alternatives (since I can't have dairy while I'm breastfeeding Sidekick due to his intolerances) and they asked me to share how I've been using one of their newest products in my healthy lifestyle.

fruit and protein

Ever since I've started healthifying my diet, fruit and protein make up my breakfast every single day. I have a little fruit (strawberries, blackberries, mangoes, bananas) and a little protein (eggs, bacon, sausage, milk or milk alternatives).

fruit and protein smoothie

One of my favorite ways to do fruit and protein is in a shake. I mix up my favorite berries with some spinach and Silk Almond Milk. Mmmmmm. So, sooo good. Sadly though, I don't have time for this every day. My day usually starts with the thump-thump-thump of a toddler on the bed or the wail-wail-wail of a baby wanting to be fed. It doesn't always start with the whir of a blender or even the hum of a Coffee Maker. Since I often find myself looking for healthy food in a hurry, I find ready-made options to make life a little easier whenever possible.

Fruit & Protein: Fruit and Protein ready-to-go!


Awhile ago when I was picking up my must-have Silk Almond Milk, I noticed this new product of theirs called Silk Fruit & Protein. What now? Fruit and protein already in a bottle together? Sa-weet. This stuff is made of soymilk and berries, mangoes or bananas.

Now before you all go commenting up a storm: I know that a lot of my readers have been on the anti-soy bandwagon lately. I feel ya. But the thing about soy is that it's ALL about sourcing and quality of product production. Poor soybeans and poor processsing standards make a bad product that destroys health instead of promoting it. That's how soy beans started getting a bad rap: Western civilization took an Eastern diet staple and totally messed it up. Properly-processed soybeans are healthy. Not convinced? Paleo guru Mark Sisson uses Tamari – a soy-based product – in his own recipes because the way the soy is processed in that particular sauce brings out the health benefits of the plant. So back to Silk: Silk's soybeans are all non-GMO. I've done my research and believe me, it's practically impossible to find companies using non-genetically-modified soybeans nowadays. That speaks volumes to me. A little more research into how human beings are really meant to ingest soy shows that fermented soy (such as miso or tempeh) is the best for us, because lectin and phytates are dramatically reduced through the fermentation process (which is much like turning milk into yogurt to increase the amount of healthy bacteria in it). You can ferment any liquid soy product, including Fruit & Protein or Silk Soymilk by simply adding water kefir grains to it and letting it sit for about 24 hours…which makes this tasty and healthy option even tastier and healthier!

Breakfast, solved! This Fruit & Protein is WAY better than just guzzling orange juice out of the carton. Before I found better solutions, that had become my go-to in a hurry breakfast, inevitably leading to a sugar high and eventual crash and me feeling kind of sluggish and cranky. This is why we need to pair protein with our sugars and fruit – to help slow the rise in blood sugar and break down that glucose to give us energy to get through the day.

And that, my friends, is your science food lesson for the day!

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