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Ever since Nate got his GS4 and I upgraded to the Note, I've been fascinated by people who still use old school flip phones. Recent studies show that 56% of adults with mobile subscriptions have smartphones. To that I say, “Only 56%? What's up with the other 44%?” I've met a few people who don't have smartphones recently and after staring at them like they had three heads (“But how do you TWEET?!”), I found that most of them had stuck with a standard phone out of cost concerns.

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Yeah, I get it. But I'm telling you, I used to be one of those anti-smartphone skeptics and I had no idea what I was missing out on in terms of how much I could actually save with my phone. There are so many options for pulling up coupons on the go, looking up restaurants while out and about, advance purchasing tickets at a discount. My smartphone is SO worthwhile to me that I almost understand why more than half of people say they'd give up their phones before giving up sex.


The good news is that Cricket’s unlimited plans are half the price of AT&T and Verizon! Staying connected with one of their smartphones is easier and cheaper than ever. And with the return of Cricket’s popular Black Friday sale this Friday and Saturday, you can sign up for a plan and get yourself hopped up on the phone tech bandwagon in no time!

Ahhh, the Friday before Christmas is comin fast. That whirlwind of insanity they call the freeway stretching from downtown up north to the in-laws. The last-minute Costco stockup is in full force and where will we find you? That's right. Headed to Cricket to buy yourself a smart phone. Good for you, I say. December is fierce, and you deserve it. You can get half off the hottest smartphones in-store and online this Friday and Saturday. One per customer, while supplies last, so hurry in and snatch yourself a new Samsung Galaxy S4. And don’t forget about the Galaxy Discover, available for only $29.99 thru 1/4.

If someone else needs a little convincing about what an awesome deal and valuable investment a smartphone is, just send them my way and take a gander at the below. Smart phones save you money. True story.

Smartphones save you money

During the holiday season, 42% of consumers plan to spend more than 11 hours on the phone with family and friends. Good lord. That's the equivalent of the entire first season of Dexter. Yes, I'm chock full of statistics today. Upgrade that phone today so you can do all your chatting in style…and save some money while you're at it, too!