beat up iphone

This is why I need gadget insurance. This is my beloved, albeit slightly beat up, iPhone.

children gadget insurance

This is my beloved child playing harmonica on my iPhone.

You see, my iPhone serves as many things: a moment of solace at the doctor's office, a major force in my business, and – unfortunately – a child entertainment device. My iPhone is an extension of me and everything I do. If I had to give up the phone or coffee, coffee would be OUT (and you all know how much I cherish my lattes). With all the work this high-powered little device does, it goes through a lot. Some Boy once yanked the phone out of my hand, chucked it into the kitchen and used it as a kneeboard in a matter of about ten seconds while I helplessly watched. I've had phones and other gadgets dunked in the toilet, thrown out the car window, washed away by a rogue wave (seriously) and stolen out of my purse. From my experience, most gadget insurance through the cell phone companies excludes water damage or comes with a really high deductible, and I've ended up having to bite the bullet several times and spend hundreds to replace my phone.

Protect Your Bubble

I'm buying the new iPhone 5 the instant it comes out (the latest rumors have the release date set at September 21st) and I'm going to start off right with this one. I'm getting iPhone insurance through's gadget insurance. This site delivers protection plans against all sorts of damage, be it water, sun, sand, kids, theft or just gravity. They understand that the number of ways we damage and lose the gadgets that are necessary to our lives is pretty endless. covers lost and stolen claims from just $7.99/month and includes additional benefits like 24-hour replacement and credit monitoring. Best of all, they have comprehensive warranties for laptops, TVs, DSLR cameras and gaming systems, covering things including mechanical breakdowns and accidental damage.