The big game is coming up soon. Are you ready? My favorite part of game day isn't actually the game. Of course I still watch the game because that is the focus of the day, but I really just enjoy any reason for a good party.

I love the decorations, the food, the commercials, and any other kind of game day activities going on. I also met my hubby at a big game day party 11 years ago. So I am always ready for a party on game day!

I thought it would be fun to make a Football Squares Printable.

Game Day Football Squares. Free Printable.

Game day squares are pretty easy but it is so much more fun with a cute printable to write all your names and numbers on. I am really not partial to either team. I of course would be excited for the San Diego Chargers if they were in it but since they are not I may have to go for Denver. I am basing this on absolutely nothing in particular. I am not a huge football gal. I have been to Denver and Seattle. I think it must be because I hear more about the Denver Broncos than I do the Seattle Seahawks. Who do you want to win?

How to Play Football Squares:

1. Print your free printable.
2. Have your friends write their names in the squares they purchase ($1/ square) Or however you want to do it.
3. Randomly assign numbers 0-9 to the top column and left row.
4. You can have a winner for each quarter. The winner is determined by looking at the last number in each of the teams' score. Match those numbers on the grid and see which square intersects the two numbers.
5. Amounts won can be determined by the game host.

Game Day Football Squares. Free Printable.

We will probably head to a friends' house for the big game day party. We will drink a lot of beer, root for our favorite teams and eat a ton of appetizers. What are your plans for game day?