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My grandparents came up with fun game night ideas a lot as we were growing up, and it's always been a fond memory of mine. I've tried to do as many exciting activities with Some Boy as possible from an early age, but game night ideas for a toddler have slightly eluded me. Board games are out because he'll pretty much just stomp the pieces to bits, but it's hard to get the rest of the family into his favorite game of “peek-a-boo.”

Dinner ideas for game night can also be a bit of a challenge. Some Boy's old enough to want what the rest of us are eating (especially if we're all milling about a game and having fun), but he's too young to eat a lot of typical game night favorites like pizza or hot dogs. Random fact: did you know that hot dogs are one of the top five choking hazards for toddlers?

family game night

Game Night Ideas: Making Game Night Little Kid-Friendly

I came up with the perfect solution for our last game night: Jenga and chicken nuggets! Some Boy was able to play with the Jenga pieces and enjoy the same food the rest of us had. This is a pretty typical game night in our house: Uncle Brian and Nate devouring their food and paying half-attention to the game while I alternate between feeding Some Boy and totally kicking everyone's butts. The guys may win at all the outdoor sports but when it comes to board games…no contest.

tyson chicken nuggets

As part of my more toddler-friendly game night ideas, I picked up Tyson chicken nuggets at Walmart. I love them because they're all natural and aren't heavily breaded.

easy family game night dinner

One way to make an easy dinner even easier: line your pans with foil before baking. Cut down on dishes.

family snacks

I always serve some pre-dinner snacks to hold everyone over while I get my act together. Figs and veggies were some of my hit game night ideas this last time. I recently discovered figs (how is it that I never had a fresh one before?!) and can't get enough of them.

game night dinner ideas

We can't have chicken nuggets without some Ore Ida fries and Heinz Ketchup. It's like our own little happy meal at home!


Some Boy's own recent discovery is ketchup. He can't get enough of the stuff. He's a dipping maniac. It's kind of a mess.

game night ideas: jenga

As you can see, the game was really intense until Some Boy decided to chew on the Jenga blocks. He was thrilled to be able to play with the big boy toys and while he's not quite at the stacking phase yet, I figured kids of just about any age can enjoy blocks.

game night ideas

No, Nate, chicken nuggets are not a suitable replacement for Jenga pieces.

game night ideas: contest with Hasbro

Another awesome thing about my toddler-friendly game night ideas was that all of the food I got let me unlock an online game over at! The site has fun game night ideas and features a new game every week.


Can you guess what last week's game was?!

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