our new backyard

This is our new backyard. I know it doesn't look like much right now, but it's come a long way from when we first got it. The previous tenants let it get completely overrun with weeds and there was basically no grass to speak of when we got here. You can see we're slowly working on developing some planters there on the left. I'm thinking one will be vegetables and one will be spices.

gardening clothes

So this is where you'll find me most days, pulling weeds and watering the plants that the previous tenants didn't destroy. I think part of the reason we got such a great monthly rent on this place is because of the backyard. The owner kept going on about how she just wanted someone in here who would care for the place and bring this all back to life. Oh, AND the lawnmower she left here doesn't work, so Opa keeps bringing his over every couple of weeks to help us keep things under control. Thank goodness for that because there's no way we can afford a new lawnmower right now and I don't think the owner would be too keen on springing for one. I'm assuming that's our responsibility, like the washer and dryer. The owner mostly takes care of maintenance stuff, like when the kitchen faucet completely stopped working the week we moved in.

Yeah, that was a fun, takeout-filled couple of days!

Anyway, do you like my gardening clothes? An over-sized pajama shirt and leggings plus my new favorite pair of rain boots. This is what I live in lately.

gardening boots

I am downright obsessed with these boots from Maniera. The company sent them over for me to try out and they're now the nicest pair of rubber boots I own. I've bought a few cheap rubber boots from Target and they're cute, but inevitably spring a leak within a few wears. These PVC free boots are hand-assembled by European craftsmen with reliable stitching as opposed to flimsy rubber glue, so I no longer wind up soaking my feet in the water I just sprinkled throughout the lawn.

baby bump

Totally unrelated to this post, that there is my little baby bump. A lot of you guys have been asking for pictures so there ya go! I'm about nine weeks along now and showing way more than I did with Some Boy at this stage. At about seven weeks the baby was like, “Kabam! Hellooo world.” I told a family friend I was pregnant a week or so ago and she was like, “Well I wasn't gonna say anything, but…yeah, obviously.”
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