Ok…so it’s been a while. I’ve been a bit busy. What else can I say?

To gear back up with my burger endeavor, since I was last out and about, I came across a little spot in northern San Diego called George Burgers. A few other people have recommended I go there. I was even told by my grandpa, who used to live in the area, that he remembers it being described favorably. Well, with that, let me just say that George Burgers made a big impression on me.

First, you might notice the lack of photographs on this particular article.

Not to say I didn’t take any. It's just that after I thought about it, the photos themselves did not deserve to be on the blog. If I were to give you a mental quote of what I was thinking as I walked back out of the front doors of George Burgers, it would be something along the lines of, “Bleh, damn it, I could have had IN-N-Out.”

For my blue collar rule…no.

This is not worth the money spent on it, and the burger is average price. For construction ruling, I was unimpressed as this actually reminded me of hamburger day in middle school. Really, it was about the exact same thing. The meat was so blasé I had to remind myself what I was eating, and the rest of it seemed to follow suit.  Finally, my twenty mile rule. This place would only pass if I converted miles into feet and even then, I’d be willing to walk half a mile in heels (yes I am a 6’4” 280lb man) to get something else.

That’s about it. Don’t go there, unless you can find some amazing way to prove me wrong and have an extra $5 you don’t mind wasting.