Apparently, it's National Get Organized Week. I can't make this stuff up. But I'd like to know who does, because I want their job. I would declare it National Tequila and Donut Week. Every week.

get organized with kids' clothing

Last month I shared my disastrously messy office that was being overtaken by all manner of things: mirrors, papers, random boxes from UPS. But mostly kids' outfits. The clothes just keep piling up!

get organized with under-bed boxes

I'm happy to report that I became weirdly determined to get organized over the last few weeks and I've just about gotten it ALL under control (and I even got the bamboo blinds painted! Look at me with all my pregnancy hormones driving me to whip this house into shape).

My mom used to stack storage drawers in every nook and cranny of our house, and underneath the bed was prime organizational space. So I took a cue from her and bought these underbed storage drawers on Amazon that have been an absolute dream. There are a ton of different options to get organized with the space under your bed, but I prefer storage drawers because I can pull the entire length out to see what I'm dealing with, as opposed to needing to open and close boxes or unzip compression bags.

under-the-bed storage

I get the kind without wheels because I don't like them shuffling around under there, and I opt for clear plastic so I can see at-a-glance what I'm looking at. I have my mattress on a fairly low profile platform, and these fit under there perfectly.

Quick tip for storage of children's clothing - under-the-bed boxes

How do you make a point to get organized? Do you dedicate a certain time of year to clearing out the clutter?