post-pregnancy weight

I'm three pounds away! I got pregnant with Sidekick when I was 150 pounds (which was already a little heavier than my ideal 140-145…I had a few extra pounds still clinging to me from Some Boy's birth nine months earlier). I gained 27 pounds with Sidekick and lost a good deal of that in the hospital after his 8 pound 10 oz hefty little self was out. Since then, I've been doing my best to moderate what I eat without being too restrictive.

food diary

I don't believe in diets. Period. What works best for me is a healthy mindset and a food diary. I simply commit to myself that I'm going to eat better, and I find it rather addicting to keep track of. It's probably the type A control freak in me that feels downright gleeful when I reflect back on my tally for the day and see how successful I've been. Accountability is a big thing for me.

losing weight

I used to use an old-fashioned notebook and pen to keep track of everything, but that's pretty unrealistic with two kids (how is it that all paper in my possession inevitably manages to wind up wet and/or sticky??). I searched for an app that I could use on my laptop and my phone, figuring that would be a good solution since one of the two is with me at all times. I've been using My Fitness Pal, which makes it super-easy to keep track of daily food intake and exercise (exercise? WHAT exercise??) with a helpful, motivating community aspect as well. I love that it remembers my most frequently-eaten foods, so I can quickly add my latest snack adventure without having to search through a database.

Welchs Logo

A big part of successful dieting for me is finding an alternative to sweets. I LOVE sweet stuff, so healthy alternatives like low-carb muffins and juices are key for me. Crisp, delicious Welch's Light not only tastes great, but also helps you stay on track. With only 45 calories per serving and no added sugar, you'll be sure to sip smarter with Welch's Light! Try both Concord Grape and White Grape flavors: made with our very own grapes and full of antioxidant Vitamin C.

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