I was trying to find a recent picture of Nate and I to go along with this post and realized that every single photo of us together in the last year features a toddler or baby crawling on our laps, head or arms. Yikes. That's kind of telling, isn't it?

Nate and Chelsea in 2006

So here's a little throwback for ya, back to our college days.

We've had the great pleasure of working recently with Sony to promote the release of their latest movie, Sex Tape. It features a couple trying to reignite the passion after marriage, kids, jobs, and all of the life's other responsibilities make them a bit less spontaneous and fun.

The main character, Annie (played by Cameron Diaz), is a blogger like myself and poses the following question to her readers: how do you get it back? What ensues afterwards is a hilarious entanglement of awkward situations, oversharing and – you guessed it – opportunities to reconnect with her husband.

I was asked to share my own trials and tribulations when it comes to keeping it alive, and reflected on our dizzying last couple of years:

I have a toddler, a baby and one more on the way. My husband and I are overwhelmed with joy at this life we lovingly created, but the funny thing about love and babymaking is that it leads to a lot less lovemaking. The moments where we used to whisper, “Oh baby” are suddenly replaced with actual babies…

Go read the rest of, “Me Against the Robocat” over on Annie's blog, Who's Yo Mommy!