With kids as young as mine, it can be difficult to get work done anywhere. I've heard a lot of colleagues complaining at conferences about what a challenge it is getting work done on the road. Honestly, though, I think it's harder to stay on top of it all at home.

Tips for getting work done on the road

At home, I have…distractions.

Tips for getting work done on the road

Adorable distractions.

I travel frequently for work, so I've gotten pretty adept at maximizing my time and getting work done on the road. A series of tools and shortcuts help me get as much done in as little time as humanly possible.

What I Rely on for Getting Work Done on the Road

Tips for getting work done while traveling

The cloud. I use Dropbox to access files across any device, which is a huge help since I'm a total laptop and tablet geek and could never manage to keep my data centralized in one location. Amazon Cloud also offers unlimited photo storage for Prime members and 5 GB of free storage for videos and documents.

Tips for getting work done on the road

Tech that talks to each other. I've ditched the cords with a smart camera that auto-uploads to my phone so I can snap and share high-quality images without a big hassle.

Tips for getting work done on the road

Scheduling apps. “Work hours” aren't really a thing when you're squeezing tasks in on-the-fly. I use Boomerang for Gmail to schedule emails, and Buffer and Hootsuite to manage social media on-the-go.

Tips for getting work done on the road

Lots and lots of chargers. I need my gear to be ready at the drop of a hat. Car adapters and and power banks are essential to keep me going.

Virtual scanner. My mom has been using a digital fax system for as long as I can remember (does anyone actually fax anymore?). For my own contract needs, I use a site called PDF Escape to skip out on the printing/signing/scanning rigamarole.

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