salmon gift meal

The gift of a meal is one of the best things you can offer during celebrations or times of hardship. I've been given the gift of meal prep and delivery services a couple time in my life, and it's been such a relief to know that I had dinner ready to go at a moment's notice. It's such a special gift because it shows forethought by the person giving and it's essentially the gift of time and service. Best of all, it doesn't take up needed room in the home!

I've had the opportunity to gift meals to a few friends after they've given birth to their babies, and I usually opt for something like lasagna or soup that's easily reheated. It's really nice if the dish is freezer-friendly, so the family can simply thaw it out whenever it's needed. Be sure to include side dishes as well, and it's even better if you can throw in some mid-day snacks, since the family may have their hands full and it may be long stretches for them between meals. It's important to consider special food restrictions of the family when giving food, and it's helpful to ask ahead if you don't know their likes or dislikes. Deliver the meal in something that can easily be reheated (ideally, something that you're okay with not getting back). It's a really nice touch to include some silverware and linens if you have extras that you're okay with parting with (I know we keep a stash of our old college silverware that can be taken to-go and we don't get upset if it doesn't end up back at home).

savertime gift meal

If making all the fixings for a gift meal seems like too much effort (it definitely is a labor of love), consider simply buying the gift of gourmet meal delivery. This week, SaverTime has a great deal on chef-prepared meals delivered to your doorstep: just $25 for $50 worth of meals from delivers healthy meals with top-quality ingredients so it's simple for families to just defrost, heat and serve. Meals con be completely customized based on family size (they even have individual and senior servings) and dietary restrictions. It's easy to give the gift of gourmet meals like Tiger Prawns, Tomato Basil Bisque or Prime Rib Roast, and you won't even have to get your own kitchen dirty in the process. Go check out the deal – you might even pick up a few for yourself in the process!

This post is sponsored by SaverTime. All opinions are my own.