swaddlesme, pampers, baby journal and candle

Baby-having times can be rough. Whenever I ask new moms what products they want most (since I seem to have an endless supply of awesome baby stuff around here), the answer is always sleep. How do you give the gift of sleep?

friend's new baby

One of our close friend couples just had their first baby and she is the cutest, sweetest, most angelic little 5-pound thing I've ever seen! When I asked Dom and Kim if they needed anything or if I could support them in any way, I got that ever-familiar question. “Can you give the gift of sleep?”

Well guys, I'll sure try.

pampers and tote-n-glow soother

I worked with Pampers to put together a care package containing all my favorite essentials to give them the gift of sleep: Pampers Swaddlers (the #1 choice of hospitals, and a brand that new moms are always in need of for their reliable leak protection and softness on newborn babies' delicate skin), a portable soother, a journal for quiet moments with baby, a candle to set a peaceful mood, Summer Infant swaddle sleeper and my favorite nighttime tea.

tote-n-glow soother

This elephant baby soother from Fisher Price is one of my favorites because it can be tossed in a diaper bag and taken along to grandma and grandpa's house for familiar sights and sounds to lull baby to sleep anywhere.

sweet dreams tea from Bigelow

I've written an entire post dedicated to Bigelow's Sweet Dreams herb tea. I swear by it to help calm frazzled nerves.

pampers gift of sleep package

I left them with my gift of sleep package and jetted out of there quickly, because I know that along with the gift of sleep, top of the list among new parent requests is that people minimize traffic in and out of the house. We really don't need any added germs in the mix, and any downtime is best used for – what else? – nabbing a quick nap.

How to give the gift of sleep: helping moms get through tough times with sleep aids and child entertainment to be ready to tackle tough days!