Colby and I, circa 1994. She's the one on the right, making the cute little duck face. I'm the skeptical-looking one, as usual.

I'm not really sure what the expression “thick as thieves” means, but I've heard it used to describe my half-sister and I. She's six years younger than I am and while we've fought like cats and dogs at times, we've always relied on each other and I know that she's there for me through thick and thin. My mom divorced Colby's dad and added three stepbrothers to the mix by marrying our new stepdad when I was 16, but Colby and I have always had a special bond since we grew up together. We have our own sister rituals: girls-only movie nights, cookie decorating and a shared love of Skip-Bo (an obsession that seems to baffle the rest of the card-playing world).

the notebook poster

Colby and her boyfriend were over the other day and he happened to mention that he had never seen The Notebook and had pretty much no desire to watch it ever. “Awww,” Colby and I chimed in chorus. “That's the BEST movie!” Neither of us had seen it in years but were both suddenly itching for some Nicolas Sparks. Just like that, I knew the theme of our next girls' night in.

The Notebook Inspired Girls' Night In

the notebook inspired girls night in 4

I snagged a couple essentials at Walmart for my girls' night in, including dark chocolate for cookie dough, Kleenex, notebooks (you can't have a Notebook inspired girls' night in without notebooks!) and wine.

the notebook

We cut out cute images from magazines like we did back in our teenage years and pasted them into our notebooks. In today's world of tech and Pinterest, it feels good once in a while to sit down with pencils, paper and some glue. My notebook is going to serve as something of an inspiration file throughout the year, so I wanted to start it with a really inspiring page. The writing is my favorite quote from The Notebook. “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.” This applies to romantic love and general love of life, in my opinion. Any work you do just isn't worth it unless it ignites that kind of passion.

girls night in cookie dough

We whipped up some paleo cookie dough with extra-dark chocolate. Sidekick is still breastfeeding and he's having some issues with gluten and dairy so I'm suddenly having to eat all healthy for his benefit. I'll admit I have a ton more energy and actually feel pretty good about the whole thing, but things like our traditional girls' night in with a must-have cookie dough snack have me a little stumped. This turned out pretty decent, but I'm going to tweak it until I get the perfect paleo cookie dough. No way this mama's giving up her sweet tooth!

vudu kleenex

Vudu has this awesome promotion going on with Kleenex right now where you can get a $4 Vudu credit with purchase of specially-marked Kleenex packages. Alas, my Walmart didn't have the specially-marked packages. But I still signed up for Vudu online (it's super-simple, and convenient to not have to run down to the movie kiosk in town to prep for girls' night in) and rented The Notebook through their streaming service on Playstation.

the notebook

Oh, Ryan Gosling. I really don't understand the weird caterpillarstache look he had going on during this phase, but he's a stud nonetheless. I love that Vudu shows the actors in each movie, as well as reviews from critics and users.

the notebook inspired girls night in 3

It turned out to be kind of a good thing that my Walmart didn't have the specially-marked Vudu packages, because I ended up getting some of these cute little go packs that are perfect for girls' night in. People can just throw them in their purse at the end of the day and take them along when they go. We often keep these on hand and send them home with guests, since the country air out here gets everyone's allergies worked up.

girls night in with kleenex

What's a movie night without Kleenex, anyway? Kleenex and wine are a must for any good tearjerker.

the notebook inspired girls night in from Someday I'll Learn

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