Dreyer's slow churned

I'm a HUGE ice cream fan. When I was pregnant, I had ice cream almost every single night. A lot of my friends thought that Some Boy would be a girl because of the constant sweet cravings, but the fact is that I always crave ice cream all the time. I occasionally make shakes and smoothies with ice cream myself, but Dreyer's has now made these even easier to enjoy at home with their individually packaged slow churned shakes and smoothies.

Dreyer's sent us a variety of their new shakes and smoothies to try out, and Nate and I loved them. I particularly enjoyed the cookies and cream shake. Ice cream is good, but ice cream and cookies together…awesome. The smoothies are made with real fruit, fruit juice and frozen yogurt, so they're just as healthy or healthier than something I would make at home myself. Both the shakes and smoothies are easy to prepare in a matter of moments – just add 1/3 cup milk and stir.