I've always been an advocate for the environment, but getting pregnant has really taken it a step further for me. I want my baby to grow up healthy and am doing my best to give it the best possible environment in its early stages of development. I've become a lot more conscious about what I put in my own body and what's in my home, and it's helped me come to this realization: there are chemicals in everything! Things I never thought twice about before can potentially represent a danger to my child. Changing the cat litter, applying lotions, hairspray, cleaning the toilet…I suddenly found myself contemplating the risks in every room of my house! Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives to harmful products.

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If you're concerned about chemicals in your home, Green Works has launched a Green It Yourself campaign in honor of earth month to help guide you through making eco-friendly upgrades to your home. Green-living expert Carter Oosterhouse guides you with videos and tips to reduce chemicals and increase environmental efficiency in your family room, kids' room, bathroom and kitchen. There are even chances to win helpful prize packs. The sweepstakes runs through May 12th.

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