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how to gift food to people with food sensitivities (on a budget, too!) #shop

Sometimes I forget to treat myself in all of the holiday madness. I'm always thinking about whose gifts are next on my list, what meals I'm planning, how I'm keeping the family happy and then I realize…I haven't taken any time to take care of me.

Sorry, me. Self: I vow to pay more attention to you in the new year. And in the meantime, I'll make sure you aren't totally shafted when everyone else is indulging in their holiday treats.

See, I don't eat gluten. I also minimize sugar, peanuts and dairy and avoid GMOs. This all means that come holiday festivity, I'm often the only one hovering over the veggie tray. Not too fun for Chelsea. So when I was shopping at Walgreens for Christmas stuff the other day (go figure), I made a point to pick up some of my favorite snack items from their Good & Delish line. It's my favorite snack line, hands down, for finding healthy indulgences in-store.

What to Put in a Gluten-Free Gift Basket

guide to gluten-free gift baskets. chocolate is a must. #shop

First up: chocolate. No gift basket is complete without a little chocolate, and I love the Good & Delish Mid Knight bar because it's low in sugar, high in deliciousness and also surprisingly cheap. This is my go-to chocolate bar for snacking AND cooking.

non-gmo chocolate #shop

I love seeing that the Good & Delish line uses certified non-GMO ingredients when possible and manufactures many of their items in dedicated gluten-free facilities.

fruit snacks for a gluten-free gift basket #shop

Fruit snacks are SO hard to find without added sugar. Their Apricots bag is my go-to healthy item for a gluten-free gift basket, with NO added sweeteners.

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I'm not one to kid myself into thinking that my gluten-free grazing makes for a healthful, complete meal (I do sit down and eat a bunch of meat and veggies whenever I can) but it's nice to consider the benefits that can be imparted with a gluten-free gift basket.

tortilla chips with non-gmo ingredients #shop

Walgreens also makes Good & Delish tortilla chip varieties with blue corn, which is known not to cross-pollinate with Monsanto-fueled GMO varieties.

If you're looking for some last-minute Christmas Gift Ideas for the high-maintenance foodie in your life, seriously consider a gluten-free gift basket. They'll thank you.

Do you have any allergen-sensitive foodies on your gift list this year?