In case you haven't noticed, we're big Bruins fans around here. Nate and I both went to UCLA, and our relationship was founded in between football games and college parties. “Gooooo Bruins! U-C-L-A- Fight Fight Fight!” is practically the official call of the Day family. So what do college sweethearts do when their college basketball team is ranked #1 in its conference? We celebrate with our other favorite fans, of course.

Go Bruins! How we Celebrate Game Day with Family

go bruins

For the first game of the Pac-12 Tournament this season, we packed up the boys and headed on over to Oma and Opa's house!

bruin ball

Some Boy got to sport his favorite UCLA shirt and a new ball in one of the team's colors.

basketball snacks

Snacks are always in order for any game-viewing festivities. We don't go all out with decorations or home-made goodies for these low-key family gatherings. We're too busy chasing after the boys most of the time. It's all about simple, tasty classics here.

Kettle Chips

I whipped up some Brussels Slaw and picked up Nate's favorite chips: Kettle Brand Jalapeño, Backyard Barbeque and Sea Salt & Vinegar.


Kettle Chips are made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients so I'm thrilled that Nate loves them so much. They're a MUCH better choice than some other snack-time chips, and they're even gluten-free…which means I can sneak a few. Score!

march mustache

Nate's a total brand elitist. I once tried to get some of those knock-off kettle chips you see companies making nowadays and give them to him in a bowl. He called me on it immediately. THey were way thinner and just didn't quite have the same crunch. Lesson learned: always stick with what you know. Nate's always grumpy when I photograph him while eating. It's like trying to pet a feeding dog. Just asking for trouble. But I wanted to show off his March Mustache. Supposedly it has something to do with basketball. I don't get it. But there ya go…one of the few times you'll ever see Nate with a mustache. Thank God.

watching a basketball game

I'll admit, I don't know much about basketball. I'm more of a football girl. But I've always had a blast at the basketball games I've been to. They're so fast-paced and I love all the energy from the fans. And I can always just throw out a “Go Bruins!” if I start to feel a little lost. Can't go wrong with that. And as much as I'm clueless about basketball, I always used to win the office pool at my day job. My coworkers hated my random luck!

basketball snacks

Brian came along, of course. This fellow Bruin has been our off-again-on-again roommate since our college days, and has fondly been dubbed “Uncle Brian” by our family. He's moving out (again) at the end of the month to live with his girlfriend closer to the beach. I have to say, we're actually pretty stoked to have a beach shack to hang out around during the summer days!

go bruins cup

While we were at Oma and Opa's, our own little Bruin did something totally worth celebrating. He drank out of a big boy cup for the first time all by himself! I picked these up at Walmart when I got the Kettle Chips. I liked the color to add a little UCLA theme to our snack festivities. He saw me unpacking them, reached up – eager to try his hand at these little cups – and drank like a big kid without even making a big deal out of it!

bruin baby

Sidekick got in on the action in his UCLA Bruins onesie, too. He loves doing his little “Superman move” with Oma.

The results of the game? We won, of course. Go Bruins!

What are your favorite game day snacks? Have you tried Kettle Chips yet? You can get $1 off your favorite flavors with this coupon!

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