Hello, my name is Chelsea, and I'm a former exclusive cloth diaperer.

Phew. It feels good to admit that out loud.

cloth diaper baby

Here's the thing: I love my cloth diapers. They're soft and environmentally-friendly and I use the heck out of them for certain occasions, like playtime and mealtime and quick runs to the store. And then there are the other times. Naptime. Bedtime. Long trips around town. I tried every detergent under the sun, every stripping and soaking and washing method and they leaked. A lot. We couldn't go more than two or three hours between changes and for our active lifestyle, that didn't always cut it. So I started using disposables for those varying occasions.

I had my naptime diaper: an economical choice with minimal absorbency, but a step up from the cloth diapers. My on-the-go diaper: a mid-level and mid-price choice. And my overnight: on the spendy side, but that thick absorbency never let me down.

Each diaper had a separate small drawer. I'm not kidding you, guys, this diapering stuff is serious business. My still-single college pals are laughing at my neurosis right now…just you wait! Parents with babies know that a soaked bed sheet can throw the whole day off.


luvs diapers

Luvs were already pretty high on my list in terms of economy AND absorbency, but they didn't quite make the overnight cut. Until I saw this sign SCREAMING at me in the middle of the Walmart baby aisles. I asked the Walmart crew what was up with the “super absorbent” leakguards, and they said that Walmart has an exclusive agreement with Luvs to get exclusive access to their newest, most absorbent diapers. Leave it to Walmart to corner the cheapest and most effective diaper market.

I strapped these IMPROVED bad boys on my little boys and gave them the post-sippy cup test.

And we all slept through the night.


I'm packing for a trip next week with the whole gang (Tillamook, here we come!), and it was such a relief to be able to reach for a single diaper package for our vacation. No guilt about over-spending. No stress about accidents. This easy, money-saving decision made life easier all around. Especially for Jeremy and Crystal, our pals up in the Portland area who are tasked with the fun job of changing our little monsters while Nate and I visit the dairy tours in northern Oregon. Got any tips to share with them to help wrangle their own baby plus our little dudes?


Us either.

Good luck, guys!