God Gave us Two

As an older sibling with a sister born six years after me, I can remember well how confusing it was when my sister was born. Older siblings are concerned about being replaced or forgotten, and are generally bewildered about why another child has come along. I love that the God Gave Us series does a great job of explaining the purpose behind creation, love, heaven (in the God Gave Us So Much book) and how we came to be (in God Gave Us You). In God Gave Us Two, Lisa Tawn Bergren helps parents explain another difficult subject with ease.

God Gave Us Two shows Little Cub asking Mama and Papa questions about the soon-to-be-born sibling, as the parents explain that the baby is a gift from God – in the same way that Little Cub was a gift from God. They reassure Little Cub that both children will be loved very much. This book would be perfect to read to a child between the ages of about two and six to prepare them for the upcoming child and ease their concerns. One slightly confusing aspect of the book is that Mama actually gives birth two twins at the end of the book, which could potentially be confusing for siblings as parents expecting one child would need to explain this so the sibling didn't get set on having two brothers or sisters at once.

Disclaimer: Waterbrook Multnomah provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.