God Gave Us You

My husband and I are currently expecting our first child, and have discussed at length how we'll respond on the day when our kid will inevitably look at us with curious eyes and pose the age old question: “Where did I come from?” I've already written about my love of the God Gave Us So Much treasury to help tackle children's difficult questions about faith and love. God Gave Us You expands on the treasury by answering another tricky question with honesty and ease.

Without getting into complicated technicalities, Mama Bear explains that her little cub was a gift from God in answer to many prayers. I like that the mother explains that the cub grew in her stomach and discusses doctor visits and nursery preparations, briefly touching on labor so children can begin to grasp the physical concept as well as the deeper message. Kids will come away from this book understanding that they are here on this planet for a reason: because they are loved and wanted and God sent them here with a purpose.

Disclaimer: Waterbrook Multnomah provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.