I was wandering the Iowa Downtown Farmers' Market a couple months ago when I came upon this adorableness.

Gourd birdhouse-3

Jon Deere tractor onesies! I was about to buy one, but then I was pulled in by something even more intriguing in the background.

Gourd birdhouse

Oh my gosh, you guys. If I was a bird, this is the spot I would choose to live.

Hollowed-out gourd birdhouses. This could be a really fun craft for around Thanksgiving (and it'll be ready to give as a Christmas gift)

I asked the purveyor of these fine gourd birdfeeders how he gets them to look like that, and he slyly responded that he has “very special spoons” and “a lot of time on his hands.” An internet search revealed that gourds left on the vine actually hollow out naturally as the insides rot and dry up. Then, simply cut a hole and…voila! Gourd birdfeeder for the win. The process is called hardening. Learn something new every day!

I'm going to nab some mature gourds from a farmer nearby this season and see if I can hollow a couple out by poking holes in the bottom and hanging them outside. I'd think that our semi-arid climate here in San Diego would lend well to this, as we get very minimal mold. We'll see. In the meantime, you can simply buy one from Carlos Duran over at Rusty Nail.

Tiny potted plant

I also discovered this adorable teeny tiny succulent plant at the next stand. What an adorable repurposing of an old tin mustard container!

Simple wreath with sweet decoration

Finally, these oh-so-crafty felt-and-wood wreaths were just aching to be placed on my front door. Wet branches, twine, felt and a little patience are all that go into these.

It's that last supply that I'm just a little short on. I want all of my crafts, and I want them to be done and functional right now.

I think it's time for me to move to Iowa and be with my people, don't you?