I got to host an event for Graco last week at my house! We invited some of our favorite local mom bloggers over to catch up and learn all about Graco's latest product, the Little Lounger.

Graco Little Lounger

I previewed this at ABC Kids Expo a couple months back and was instantly drawn to its two-in-one functionality. With two-speed vibration, a rocking base and a seat that adjusts up and down to the perfect incline for colicky babies, the Little Lounger is the answer for new moms who aren't sure what soothing mode their little ones will prefer. My favorite feature is the Rock Locks system that has little pegs that swing down at the base of the rocker, steadying it in place in case you have curious toddlers or animals running around. This was always a big concern for me with Sidekick being born just eighteen months after Some Boy, and I never found a great solution (where were you a year ago with this, Graco??).  Best of all, the legs snap together making this a compact item for quick and easy storage.

mom bloggers trying out the Graco little lounger

The design I got to play around with, called the Dakota, features sweet blue stars and plush brown lining that – I have to say – looked perfectly in place with my bench seating. I'm partial to this design (in part because it's being sold at my second home Target), but if you prefer green you can find the Caraway at Babies R Us or the more neutral Astoria at Buy Buy Baby, all for just under $80.

Sandra from My Mariposa Style

Moms, wondering what to do with ALL that free time now that you got the baby relaxed for fifteen minutes? We had Sandra of My Mariposa Style come give us some style pointers to maximize primping time. She dished on the best places to get affordable blouses (Nordstrom Rack or Forever 21), shoes (Zara) or pants (Target, go figure). She was also really helpful when it came to rationalizing purchase decisions and pricing: divide the cost of an item by the number of times you think you'll wear it – or the number of times you think it'll actually hold up – to get a better feel for value. She also offered a couple quick rules of thumb to aid busy moms at the mall. “Take stock of your closet and keep a list of what you need. Don't scramble for occasion pieces at the last minute. Buy it when you see it.”

Sandra does in-home and shopping consultations here in San Diego for really reasonable rates, and I'm totally hiring her as my style consultant. Now that I've lost the baby weight thanks to going Paleo, nothing fits me and my closet is in sad, sad shape.

kids playing in the living room

We had the kids playing (supervised) in the living room while we all chatted about style and fashion in the kitchen. The contrast between all these toys and all those clothes kind of made me snicker.

How do you care for yourself when the kids are occupied?