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Bear with me for a minute while I brag. Nate and I got to go to the GRAMMYs red carpet!!! Did you watch all the stars walk down the GRAMMYs red carpet yesterday? Yeah. So did we.


In person.

It was awesome.

The GRAMMYs Red Carpet Experience

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My friends and family have riddled us with questions about our exclusive GRAMMYs red carpet experience, so I will do my very best to recap it for you. The first question a pal asked was why I didn't attempt to streak across the stage. The answer to that is 1) I recently had two children back-to-back and seriously, NOBODY wants to see post-multiple-baby belly flying across their television screen and 2) we didn't go inside the GRAMMYs and watch the awards presentations. We stuck to the red carpet portion. Here's how it went down.

The first thing you notice when you get to the GRAMMYs is the absolutely insane amount of security. There are barricades and policemen and bodyguards all over the place. The next thing I noticed was that while the event was held at the Staples Center, the red carpet was waaaaaay down the street by the front of the convention center. I always figured the red carpet was about thirty feet long. No. This thing extends under multiple canopies for about the length of a football field. That's a whole football field full of interviewers, photographers, cameras, lights, and stylists striving to make everything look picture perfect along the way. We got to sit at the very end of the red carpet where the stars finally emerged from all this to a roar of enthusiastic cheering.

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Being ushered to the end of the red carpet was awesome. There was a group of about eighty of us selected through random drawings or given tickets through our super-awesome media hookups. We were invited by MasterCard as part of their Priceless Program, which features priceless cultural experiences in cities all over the world. Let me just say, they really nailed it on the head with this one. The GRAMMYs were about as priceless as an experience I've ever had. So a big thank you goes out to MasterCard!

Nate and I got to sit up front by a bunch of Make-a-Wish kids who were beside themselves excited to see their favorite musicians. They got to chat and get autographs from the likes of Sting, Gotye, Katy Perry, Adele, John Mayer and more.

I'll admit that I was a little starstruck by Justin Timberlake. He is stunningly gorgeous in person, with these crystal blue eyes that are just unreal. Even Nate agreed: it's not normal for anyone to look THAT good. He was practically glowing. Long story short, we've decided that JTim must be an alien. Mumford and Sons was pretty awesome, too. They spent a lot of time chatting with the kids, and Kathy Griffin made a point to come over and tell some jokes to keep us entertained. Neil Patrick Harris introduced his fiance, David Burtka, and Vin Diesel showed up with Tyrese (pretty sure that was a platonic coupling, though…in case anyone besides me was curious).

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You're probably wondering where all my awesome celebrity photos are. Another thing you may be surprised to learn about the red carpet: there are NO photos allowed! None taken by the fans, anyway. It makes sense when photogs from People and US Weekly and whatnot are selling coverage of events like this, they don't want their exclusivity being undermined by fans snapping away on their cell phones. I took this outside of the GRAMMYs as we were leaving. I love this picture because to me it captures the swagger of LA. Everywhere you go in this city, there are fantastically beautiful people wearing or doing amazingly off-the-wall things. People-watching was a favorite pastime for Nate and I when we lived here. We used to kick back on the benches in Westwood and try to imagine the lives of the people walking by. It's so easy to get into sensory overload with all the glitz and glamour and bling everywhere, it's nice to stop and allow yourself to be awe-struck once in a while.

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After focusing so much on all those famous people on the GRAMMYs red carpet, I'd be remiss not to mention the people who really helped make the day! We got to meet up with fellow blogger Shannon Gosney and her boyfriend, and they were more than happy to join in our people-watching and tolerate my commentary about wanting to feed everyone on the GRAMMYs red carpet a cookie. Seriously, why are all these people so thin??? Cupcakes are SEXY, I tell ya. Eat one.

It's experiences like this that make Los Angeles truly priceless. There are these awesome chances to be part of show business, part of a huge collective effort that this city thrives on, that the entire world watches in amazement. It's special to meet icons and idols, to laugh with friends in the presence of immense talent, to go in one moment from oooohing and aaaahing over designer dresses to busting up over a guy moonwalking towards us in a spacesuit. This is the city where I learned an appreciation for the arts, and somehow at the same time began to recognize the importance of not taking yourself too seriously. This is where I began to let go and laugh.

This is the city where I learned to enjoy the moment…moments just like this.

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  I participated in this experience at the invitation of MasterCard as part of it's Priceless Cities program. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #cbias #SocialFabric #LoveThisCity #PricelessLA